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Nostalgic Videos :) My Collection of OPMs and Stuff
April 9, 2007, 8:53 pm
Filed under: inspirational, Love, mushy, music, soul

There must be something in Celebrity History that should teach us a lesson or two. I was watching some of these clips and I found it weird that we Asians seem to NEED an over affirmation of our own names with a “TITLE” much like the “Divine Right of Kings”? Aside from Michael Jackson, who is called the King of Pop and Elvis who is “The King”, American celebs do not seem to have these “titles”. Maybe they are secure enough with the adulation?
We have “Asia’s Songbird”, “The Superstar” (who is in big TROUBLE), “The Concert King and Queen” (who were deposed after the King decided he wanted a new “queen”?). I mean, can’t OUR celebs be NORMAL and accept that there is only ONE “Megastar”! (THAT WAS A JOKE!)
Do watch these video clips. Some will make you mushy and weep and a lot.These flicks will convince you beyond unreasonable doubt that we are indeed living in a rather loony nation that elect these types to the highest office in the land only to kick them out later when we fall out of love with them.
That should say something about us as a people? Or perhaps, we can rationalize and say “it’s human nature”. That is why I love my dogs. They are predictable:)



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