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Blogging About “Nuthin”
June 27, 2007, 2:17 pm
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Seconds ago I was reading my multiply site when it dawned on me – people have a knack of writing about NOTHING! Nothing as in really wanting in substance. Not that I longed for something like a heated intellectual high fallutin discussion. Just a sane one. Something beyond pictures of Asian dishes, flowers, dogs, cats, and cutie pics wherein one can predictably comment : ” This makes me hungry!” or “Awesome” or the usual one liner “ I Love This“.

There must be MORE to blogging than — ” I love this! ” and then your reply goes: “Thank you visiting my site!“. Yet that seems to be the IN THING in blogging communities — You leave me a “nice” comment and I leave you one too. That explains the traffic. But it doesn’t explain “making sense”. I always thought that communication is saying “something” more than “Look at my food“.

I may be wrong, but blogs are supposed to challenge our mind and tickle our creativity more than staring at the latest pizza or Mr. Lee’s monochromatic dumplings.

It is frankly annoying if not downright boring, particularly if it isn’t such a biggie as something like a tourist catalog of Italian feasts from a Sorrento or something like that. There must also be something more to blogging about or torturing those who are abroad by presenting pictures of dishes one can get ONLY at home.Be it food or stuff, I mean. There also must be something more to blogging than mushy exchanges that I read everyday ” Have a Good Day”, “Be blessed” or some incredibly boring account of one’s exhausting day. Saying really nothing, except, hey I am here (or I was here)and not having the temerity to honesty just type that and nothing more.

But I guess that is how these community blogs are supposed to be.

Thus, I put up a series of really fanatical Islamic videos I snatched from youtube and I don’t get anything more than the typical : “Not All Muslims are That Way”, “We should love them too“, and still the usual “have a great day“. So I wonder if it is a “blogging sin” to suddenly switch from mushy to real.

People are dying in this world everyday because of inexcusable violence and the only ones who seem aware of it are those Israeli blogs. My blogging community does not give a damn, not that I expect them to, beyond pictures and “God bless you”.

The positive side however is you find who is real.

You find out that that one who was your friend eight years ago is still the only one who “gets” what you mean and that it’s time you realize that you can’t pick-up a buddy by “multiplying” your blog network. You can pick up a hundred of “backs to scratch” but nothing beats a friend who shares even your “politics”.

And then, you understand why you no longer fit your own culture mode. You are pass the phase of dishes and cutie pics.

You have something more to say.


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I just love a classic Bugsey posting. 😀

Good point about those “nice” comments. It was that very reason that prompted me to create a separate Multiply for my new hobby (photography). I was expecting those nice/not nice/needs improvement comments to pour in and little of anything else. Of course, there were a few intelligent inputs from more knowledgeable photographers to help improve one’s photography and the right settings and equipment to use. However, these are of interest only to those who want to learn how to take good photos. I didn’t want to bore my contacts who are really not into photography, and so I did not send out invites straight away to everybody in my old contacts list.

Comment by Sally Lo

Something tickles me about this line: “There must also be something more to blogging about or torturing those who are abroad by presenting pictures of dishes one can get ONLY at home.”

I wondered if I should feel tortured too, viewing photos of places, foods, and just about everything that one can ONLY find in the US, Europe, or Australasia. But, no. It does not torture me at all. I find it interesting to see the world through other people’s photo blogs. Sometimes at the end of a working day and I am too dog tired to THINK, I do find it easier to view photos and photoblogs than to read lengthy treatises and dwell on heavy stuff. The weary mind does need rest from the world’s burden.

Comment by Sally Lo

I completely comprehend what you mean. As I used to say, a PHD is overrated but I was talking to a friend who asked: “Hey, do these people take pictures of every restaurant in town?”. That person also had a point. Then I see really crappy replies like ” yummy” or ” wish i were back home” (it goes two ways) or really way out one-liners with all the mush overflowing when we both know they don’t mean it and it made me wonder what multiply really IS — it’s nothing more than a social network except that you have to choose the fruits in the market :):):) I only know about five people there who do not bore me. Really. You’re one of them. Really.So is Chiwee, well I always knew her back then and she IS REAL. Then my most bluntly honest friend Diane. She’s REAL too. I lived with her! LOL

Comment by Bugsey

PS: about the torturing bit I have to admit I was so TORTURED when I saw that Michigangal was coined! That was the most enviable blog! I mean, that is really PAINFUL! It could have sold at ebay ! hmph! Frankly, I just hate (get real) all the “LOVE” bit…. it’s too predicable and no matter how MUCH I try to understand why the heck Wingz calls me Tita I do not get It because he ain’t my relative. I also cannot frankly relate with Honeypie and that Deftsociety because they initially anyway THINK I mean something else that I do not. To make matters worst, I was very clear that fanatical Muslims weren’t on the uo and up on my book, so I didn’t see the moronic point of Deftsociety having to “have her presence FELT” in my quicktakes guestbook. That’s rude. I mean it takes only little intelligence… yah know…… ?

Comment by Bugsey

PS 2 : maybe she’s deaf ? but she isn’t blind is she? And your shots are not boring OR I would tell you and you know that by now ! I am mean. I also btw, admire how Vivien is witty, but I can’t say I know her. I said about five . That’s it. Add some Jews! Then drink to something .. kosher!!!!!! REAL!

Comment by Bugsey

Agree completely with the Bugsey! That was way out too serious after that Lol-ing Cheezburger Kitty fun.. way to go is only ^^^^^^^^^
Tortured by food pics? OMG! Can’t anyone understand what a metaphor is these days! Way to go is ^^^^ Bugsey, so welcome! See you again at the Lol-ing Kitty. Will bring the cheezeburg : p

Comment by Den Quaid

I agree. Some people there, I also don’t like. Hypocrites lang and you were just saying what the truth is and that’s your right. Me, I will still visit your page and you know that’s not bola.

Comment by Sabrina

what indeed is a meta for? going ^ ^^ higher and higher and then i find contentment in ” I can Has Cheezburger”? Isn’t dat weird of me? LOL!

Comment by Bugsey

now that you have mentioned chiwee, i have to tell you this…we have a handful of common multiply contacts who i really admire for their wit, depth of comprehension, honesty and the ability to put their thoughts across. i can only count less than 10 though. but since i am admittedly a mushy person on most days, i can tolerate mush and slush better than you do. ;))

it’s not just the photos, bugsey. a lot of times, i don’t check music postings. it’s either i have the songs in my CD collection already or the song just isn’t of the genre that i like.

deftsociety? oh well. serve her some taho with cheezburger. maybe that will make her kosher. ;))

Comment by Sally Lo

I like and always read your blog at Multiply because it is truthful and I feel the same about Muslims. I only joined multiply because of my Church page there. Bugsey, I agree that way to go is up.

Comment by CherieRedd

i completely want some interesting and challenging topics that can make my boredom away sometimes…i love to discuss and grow with certain things that i am not aware of, but not to the extent of something that is gonna be too sensitive and hurtful to others. i love any topics except relegion and muslims topics bec. for me its like a declaration of war for anybody who are sensible enough to answer back.
but its true, sometimes i felt i need something fun and challenging, but lately it doesnt bite my interests bec. maybe the topics is not there yet for me. i will still be looking for more blogs of urs if i am still welcome. and for sure i am very interested to write something new, new concept and challenging but true to my opinion but not for hypocracy.
so, hopefully ur disappointments will be going towards more challenging aspect of life.

Comment by josephine

I am a Filipina stringer for a foreign newspaper locates in the Middle East. I read Bugsey’s blogs because there is nothing wrong with and everything right with exposing the truth and the pain that other people also feel. Living in Israel, I know that Bugsey’s blog is a few of the intelligent ones.
Why are you upset about hurting others when you’re not upset that everyday as we live here, we have to listen to the air raids and anytime, we can be hit by the rockets of these Islamic fanatics. Hurting others? Why does the truth hurt? How can you sleep knowiing that there were Filipina maids and workers at Israel like myself who are tense everyday because they could be killed by the kind of friends that Josephine is afraid to hurt? I agree with Bugsey, and you better read the signs of the times.

Comment by Dang Cuesta

correction, located … typo!

Comment by Dang Cuesta

Josephine- With some of the friends you have, I doubt if you will really learn anything substantial. WHY? Because they keep typing without really knowing anything about what they are talking about. My advise, get and read some other blogs like the one of Aukina4Israel or start it simple by reading Christian blogs. Join something like the group For Zions’s Sake or read the Israeli and Christian replies.

Dang – Sorry I was late. I was in at multiply simply to expose a very moronic cyber-bully with no guts nor gumption to make any sense but to declare that she is the perfect and sweetest person in the world. Of course, I am fully aware that she is a lunatic. I wonder why she’s still LOOSE (oops.. oh yeah, she must be “loose, she said she was a bitch)

Comment by Bugsey

hey bugs! before i write something else, hope your trip was fine and safe =) well…maybe ill be kinda out of topic but kinda relates to blogging/multiply/friendster…etc. etc.

When i was 18 and naive about the internet ad that was on the late 90s, we started a chatroom for bacolod and we encountered a lot of pathetic losers and stupid chatters. They believe that they know anything and everything in the world and the world is the internat chat relay. Therefore they started off making a lot of aggravation towards the channel and always make a big deal out of everything like its their only life, blah,blah,blah…

I guess its the same thing here in blogging, you may get to encounter some people who wants to be your friend, your boyfriend/girlfriend/lover/mother/father/cousin/tita/tito whatever you call it, you name it they all wanna be it…why? I don’t know why either! It just happens that, after you turn off your computer, your internet life goes away and you go back to reality…your REAL life, with REAL friends,everything is real. My reply was too long, i know you’d probably be yawning now, i apologize Bugsy! bwahahahah!!!

Comment by meow

Hey Bugsey, I got The Secret ! Thanks a lot and I wish you’d just transfer your multiply to wordpress so that we’d have a more intelligent blog. I wish you all the stuff and goodies at Washington DC!

Comment by Hero Peeping

Thanks for the dvd Bugsey! The Secret is great watching material. You are theBEST BEST BEST!

Comment by Hero Peeping

Like your blog. 😉
Gina from Memphis

Comment by Gina

Hello Gina from Memphis! You seem to love dogs a lot too… I do. They are oftentimes better than the human specie! I know, what a thing to say during the Christmas season right? lol!

Comment by Bugsey

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