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Father Grevy,Voltaire and Malu Fernandez
August 30, 2007, 1:20 pm
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Malu Fernandez is a lifestyle writer who wanted to simply make a point about “the right scent” and the “right people”. A lifestyle writer is a “social writer” — thus, part of Malu’s job is to find out the latest “who’s who” in the social registrar.Fernandez also tried to come up with something “witty”, but she found blog notoriety instead.

Part of what she wrote is this :

However I forgot that the hub was in Dubai and the majority of the OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) were stationed there. The duty-free shop was overrun with Filipino workers selling cell phones and perfume. Meanwhile, I wanted to slash my wrist at the thought of being trapped in a plane with all of them.

While I was on the plane (where the seats were so small I had bruises on my legs), my only consolation was the entertainment on the small flat screen in front of me. But it was busted, so I heaved a sigh, popped my sleeping pills and dozed off to the sounds of gum chewing and endless yelling of “HOY! Kumusta ka na? At taga sann ka? Domestic helper ka rin ba?” Translation: “Hey there? Where are you from? Are you a domestic helper as well?” I though I had died and God had sent me to my very own private hell.

On my way back, I had to bravely take the economy flight once more. This time I had already resigned myself to being trapped like a sardine in a sardine can with all these OFWs smelling of AXE and Charlie cologne while Jo Malone evaporated into thin air.

All in all, it’s been a pretty good summer. Jetting from the Aegean Sea to the Pacific may sound a bit pretentious until you wake up in economy class smelling like air freshener.

And no one thought it was a joke. In my mind, the “joke” was on those who were so angered by her article to the point of making her famous. What a way to GET BACK at those who literally believed that ANYONE would “slash their wrists” all because one doesn’t like your seat mate. There must be something utterly defective in our English lessons that make us NOT understand what is hyperbole.

It wasn’t really that she wanted to degrade Filipino domestic helpers. She was making the point that they are everywhere, and that everyone on the economy presumed that she was one of them. What she is saying is simply – “not ALL Filipinos on the plane is a Filipino domestic helper, because there are professional Filipinos too”. Hers was more of a point against the Philippine government exporting slaves and making the Philippines a “nation known for the mega-domestic helper” MORE than a nation of scientists, teachers and medical professionals.

It didn’t sound nice. Not that she probably wanted to sound sweet, maybe she was pissed.For all we know she made it a point to write like a dumb “social elitist” because she wanted to make a point against them and the policies which divide Philippine society into “haves” and “have nots” and “poor” and “dirt poor”.

Whatever her motives, noble or ignoble, isn’t it funny how there seems to be a mob-blog mentality which seems to say : ” I AGREE THERE SHOULD BE FREEDOM OF THE PRESS AND LONG AS IT PLEASES ME.” Heck there was even this PRIEST with a strange handle of Father Gravy (reminded me of roasted turkey with cranberry) who went on a cybe rage rampage “in all caps”.He was hilarious and made more of a fool of himself than everyone else. If there is ANy reason why anyone should NOT be a Catholic, one has only to figure out the logic of this Grevy priest.

grevy525 wrote on Aug 27, edited on Aug 27
While she already resigned and apologized, let us hope that she is sincere and that her ordeal will serve as a warning to irresponsible journalists. There is one thing though that I am not comfortable with from among the hate blogs against her that I have read— they called her a pig, among other invectives. In so doing they (hate bloggers) might (just might) have proved some of her consternation …..

grevy525 said

I replied 🙂

“Is there something wrong with your keyboard? ohhh.. a shouting priest! 🙂 Such meekness is admirable and.. Brutus was an honorable man:) oh yes, you berated her for being an irresposible journalist adding that you hope she learned her lesson by her ordeal.. gee, i am so glad you are not God”

“The pig thingy, I agree with you, also hurt me a bit because i am also fat. Are you fat too by the way?”

Actually, Father Grevy is fat and unmerciful. He has no idea what the First Amendment is(and where his asshole is?) and has his own eerie definition of freedom of the press. He thinks that Malu is a prime example of an “irresponsible journalist” for trying to use hyperbole. Yet, the same Father Grevy is so upset that his anger drips like oozing gravy which makes him pound his keyboard with the gusto of a rabid retard who declares that “the First Amendment does not apply to the Philippines’. Actually, if he wasn’t so stupid, I could have told him more than “the bill of rights of the Philippine Constitution includes freedom of the press”. But he just had to be stupid. Now Malu was TRYING to write stupid and she got the flak. Fr. Grevy wanted so much to sound intelligent that he ultimately sounded stupid.

Heck, I love Malu Fernandez~! She has a knack for getting THE REACTION and if we were to measure a writer’s worth, I would think it is by the way the readership reacts. And they did REACT! Malu Fernandez also exposed how some pretentious and onion-skinned some people are. Most of All, how dumb they can be and how BIG and SERIOUS they think of themselves.

Hyperbole! dang.. that was why Forrest Gump was really SMART, his whole was a hyperbole! And that is why the Fr Grevy’s of this world remain cold boring and DUMB!


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I can’t stop laughing at that moron. Again you’re on the ^ and ^ and I can’t help but not stop over here when you find something that the idiots write. Write on, I love it. :p

Comment by Hero Peeping

I just saw the tag “your template is ugly hon” bwahaahaaarrr!!!

Comment by Hero Peeping

LOL. guess I am not that onion-skinned then! ahaha i do get your point Cynthia..but some people don’t want to leave it that way….even more so they try to go deeper and that leads them to a more moronic explanations. thumbs up bebe!

Comment by meow

hehehehehe. 🙂 as i said, i never really hated her as much as the “mob’ did. plowed through lots of anti-blogs and readers’ responses when i became curious after hearing the news. never commented in any of them until meow’s post and yours.

i honestly thought she was a travel writer. haven’t read any of her articles in the past. so this explains then why she wrote those things. now I understand. but then, in my opinion, her editors must have overlook the fact that the glossy magazine is also read abroad where more than ten million filipinos working can have access to it.

hyperbole, and not all OFWs can absorb what it means. I bet that a large chunk of them can not even identify where the subject and a predicate are in a sentence, thus the backlash.

well explained bugs. thanks

Comment by chiwee

hyperbole, and not all OFWs can absorb what it means. I bet that a large chunk of them can not even identify where the subject and a predicate are in a sentence, thus the backlash.

Then, they shouldn’t debate about stuff that they know nothing about. I wouldn’t debate ANYONE on the validity of life in Mars with someone working for the NASA because I would be a fool to do so.

Comment by Bugsey

PS : but of course everyone has the right to globally make a fool of themselves.

Comment by Bugsey

🙂 i suppose there must have sprouted forums on this already like the “employers griping over their maids”.

i don’t want to be misunderstood and tagged as the next ‘bigot” but to be frank on this OFW matter, I have several encounters with a few that really make a big deal of their being “bagong bayanis”.

must explain the global backlash then.

Comment by chiwee

English as a second language is not like English as a first one. Multiply isn’t exactly a community that would know what an hyperbole is. This is not to say that Filipino bloggers aren’t proficient in English but there certainly is a difference in the manner you explain it well and their lunatic passion. You’re one courageous writer…. Father Grevy sounds like he needs a sex therapist!!!!^^^^HAHAAAAAAAA!

Comment by Rappaport

Bugsy, when you said priest I had to say that I was a seminarian at San Carlos and I decided to quit because there was a priest who molested me when I was on my sophomore year. That is why I agree with you that priests are useless people who are “fed” by their flock instead of them feeding the lambs. My sadness is that many still believe that most priests are always right when what they do not see is what happens inside seminaries. This Father Grevy when I saw his site seems he is just wasting the money that is contributed to him and he was caught off guard when you said “is your keyboard stuck?”.I agree with you that he should keep calm instead of judging angrily and he is not a Christ-like person who was silent when he was led to the slaughhter, instead he wanted to slaughter others whom he thinks was wrong. I admire your firm stand fro freedom of expression. May more be as honest and frank liek you Bugsy.

Comment by slurpy

I don’t think also that domestic workers are so heroes.

Comment by slurpy

“bagong bayanis’? acck..now this is getting more interesting.

Comment by meow

That is all bullshit , I agree with Chiwee and bugsy that they are not heroes because they are not there to serve anyone but themselves. They are there to earn more money and that is all, so why is that being a hero? It’s too much of propaganda anyway that they are “new heroes” when what they are are “overseas workers”. Only in the Philippines are “foreign exported maids” called heroes. The heroes are those who stay not those who run away.

Comment by slurpy

“i don’t want to be misunderstood and tagged as the next ‘bigot” but to be frank on this OFW matter, I have several encounters with a few that really make a big deal of their being “bagong bayanis”.”

Me also, I think that to call them heroes is an insult to the real heroes like Bonifacio, Rizal and Aquino. Why are they so plastic and pretend anyway that they are angry? maybe they are just envious because Malou goes around the world and they don’t and Malou was telling the truth that everwhere in this world it’s always filipinos known to be domestic helpers. Some need a painful dose of reality. I think Bugsey has the better points because what she said was true and that silly priest showed himself the hot-tempered rude and fake “servant of God”.

Comment by viana

This is an awesome comedy. You could be the next Nora Ephron and your irreverence is as astonishing as the wimpy mind of those who can’t understand what you mean when it is all so simple! What can you expect of a jet-setting priest anyway. I say yes also to those who say that “domestic helpers” are not heroes. We are all trying to make a living, not only they. Oh and yes, the priest is a phoney. These days, after all the molestations, who believes in them anyway?

Comment by Hero Peeping

They should love you for not sucking up to their pressure, but as someone said, they don’t understand what you are saying.

Comment by Hero Peeping

I think the same- they aren’t heroes. The heroes are those who fight for democracy and free-thinking but then again, why should i expect that from “some” people who probably do not comprehend twenty percent of what I mean? Maybe they need some literacy program!

What makes the Filipino so special anyway? I think one can be wrong no matter what nationality. Why can’t they see my POINT? The Jews had a harder time during the Holocaust but they didn’t RUN AWAY and find a place be servants. Heck! They fought for their land, and they TOILED and now, we see the State of Israel proud and yet not as sensitive as these “nationalists” nuts! Filipinos act like members of the Klan when they’re “many”, even when they make no sense at all.Look at that “weird’ kinda Filipino pride… “proud to be.. what?????”.

Comment by Bugsey

proud to be domestic servants

Comment by Hero Peeping

Actually, Father Grevy is fat and unmerciful. He has no idea what the First Amendment is(and where his asshole is?)


Comment by Hero Peeping

that’s what i wrote the blog what makes a hero..and as usual i have the usual answers except yours and ate che’s hrhrhrrh..cynthia maybe they need to understand what HYPERBOLE means. And I consider JEWS as heroes by the way! I love my Jew! Mazel Tov!

Comment by meow

I’ll take off the priest off my list…am afraid he’s gonna stalk me! waaaaaaaaaaaaa*

Comment by meow

He might… be afraid.. be very afraid (( sinister laugh)). The nice thing about wordpress is that you can say things and there is… FREEDOM OF EXPESSION!!!! Besides, it’s NOT as if ONLY FILIPINOS are the “heroes” on this planet.. every OTHER nationality HAVE their heroes! Why the fuckin sensitivity?

Comment by Bugsey

I have a blogspot account..eheheh i only got 6 peeps in there..eheheh..yes freedom of expression! I love it! mothafathas.

Comment by meow

Freedom of expression is the issue and if they are real bloggers they should know that whatever anyone says can be debated and blog-lynching is like “flaming”. But as Bugsey says they are too moronic to ever get what she meant.

Comment by Hero Peeping

Bugsey, Forrest Gump is H I L A R I O U S!

Comment by Hero Peeping

Forrest gump is like.. there are several ways to skin a cat! (get it?)

Comment by Bugsey

just don’t skin me yet Bugs..ehehehe

Comment by meow

“Faith is an excitement and an enthusiasm; it is a condition of intellectual magnificence to which we must cling as to a treasure, and not squander in the small coin of empty words.” -George Sand

Comment by faith

Don’t you know anything but quotes Faith? You must be one of those who just had a lobotomy…….

Comment by Hero Peeping

hrhrhr maybe thats all she knows Hero peeping..

Comment by meow

Quotes are an attempt to show off the fact that you have nothing to say.

Comment by Hero Peeping

agree hero, you know what if you got nothing to say, just shut the hell up and stay where you are, you’re better off not saying something just to put yourself out there rather than making yourself look like an idiot.

Comment by meow

I hope we can learn to forgive Malu Fernandez. I wrote an entry about her article and I hope you can find time to read it. It’s entitled “One Voice (An OFW’s reaction to Malu Fernandez’s “From Greece to Boracay”)” and I posted it here: http://lestercavestany.com/?p=10

Comment by Lester Cavestany

Lester, what Bugsey was saying was what you were saying but in the heat of unreasonable passion, I think it was misnterpreted. I agree with your blog about Malou. As Bugsey said those reactionaries are the one who “made” her so popular.

Comment by Hero Peeping

I’ll simplify it — FUCK grevy and his friends!

Comment by Bugsey

I feel sorry for you Bugsey! You are one sick woman!

Comment by bitchylikeyou!!

Thank you, it must take one to know one right? *shakes your hand*

Comment by Bugsey

Hey Bitchy–are you having an affair with Father Gravy *tsk, tsk, tsk!*

Comment by Bugsey

This is HILARIOUS.I find that Bugsy is a hero and should be writing more because I always come back to read your work and I cannot stop laughing.

Comment by chitarow

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