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Brian Gorrell – An Objective View

Someone I know started a blog that landed him a book deal plus coverage from BBC. Yes, that’s the good news. The not too great follow-up however is that this friend of mine, Brian Gorrell, is HIV positive. He tells his whole angst filled spiced with his rather blunt expression of raw anger.

Brian’s story is one too familiar. He is an HIV positive Aussie guy, who fell deeply and foolishly in love with some Filipino guy known as Delfin. Brian admits that he did enjoy the beach paradise at a place called Boracay but his kind of “eden” didn’t last too long. He didn’t know that his boyfriend was associating with socialites allegedly with “crime links” and he witnessed the not too pleasant reality of living among the extremely rich who have acquired their money through less than decent and legal means.Last that I managed to chat with him, he admitted that his blog was something that he needed to do to release his “rage”. Rage is a good thing sometimes. Or at least, the releasing of ‘rage’- because it can be something like a catharsis. I guess that was why Brian Gorrell just HAD to start a blog.It was the only therapy that was available while he was hurting.His blogging was like his own version of personal journaling. Perhaps there were days when he was crying while banging his keyboard. But he does have one thing – GUTS!

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This is HARDLY objective.
Gorrell does not have a book deal and the BBC segment has yet to surface and
may well be a fabrication like many of the deatils in his spotty narrative.
He mentioned recently that he is working on another artcle for that seedy Expat glossy though.
At best Gorrell is a gossip monger with limited writing skills.
His “truth” warrants debate and a balanced perspective – its incomprehensible that so many people follow him without question and support – and participate in – his hate speech and mysogny.

Comment by Sheryl

Hi Sheryl — I have checked the following facts : 1. Yes he does have a book deal (and anyone with a story can have a book deal incidentally.. try Lulu dot com or Publish America and you can come out with your own book anytime).2. BBC may come out with a segment of a whole series on AIDS, maybe all of it specifically about him but nevertheless it will still BBC. Frankly, Brian is would probably be able to GET a whole thingy about him if he tried something like Al Jazeera or Fox… 3. This blog says that is is unfair and NOT balanced so I can understand your problem.. 4. My interest in this case is prompted MORE than the issue of censorship.As you can SEE, I fought for Malou Fernandez right to say what she wants so I do NOT see the difference between Malou Fernadez’ RIGHT to say what she wants and Brian Gorrells.. 5. I do not see any hate speech in his blog and I’ve always taken the stance that if anyone is offended by any bog, the best thing would be NOT to go there and LOOK…

Comment by Bugsey

oops.. blog

Comment by Bugsey

Hey Sheryl,

YOU are the one who is not being objective dear. What the fuck is your problem? MY BBC program has already aired in England. It is schedualed to appear on BB2 maybe in two weeks. People like you don’t bother me. I don’t care if you think Ex pat is seedy. What mag do you write for? You obviously have no idea. As long as my work is out there (despite the seedy mag as you say) it is being read by many thousands of people. That is a huge achievement and I would never let a jealous person like yourself take that away from me.
Bitter much? Mysogonist???? Hahahahaha. Oh my mum will laugh hard at that. All my girlfriends will laugh. My grandma will laugh. All woman will laugh at you. because woman know that I am anything but what you say. At the end of the day, I love all people, man or woman.Look up the word dear. You are a homophobe!!
I am NOT a mysoginist. I think you are a man hater!!!! How is that for you? I only hate woman like you dear. You seem like a mean person who is envious of me and what I have managed to do. So please go away Sheryl because you are not at all effective with your words. Two dollar words from a two dollar writer. That’s you dear.
SO just take a chill pill love. You wait for my book, my many mag articles, and YES my BBC. When you take your foot from your mouth, you can say sorry to me. OK?
Now go do something good with your life instead of spreading your stupid comments around. It’s pathetic.I am so proud of the blog. And I’m proud of Bugsey too. Now there’s a woman I can love.

Comment by Brian

dear sheryl
you really must have a big problem because this is bugsy’s blog and it says it is unfair and unbalanced. you must be one of those multipliers again who are worried? now you’re worried about one of the most interesting articles on brian gorrel.. what’s wrong with you? are you homophobic? bwahaaaahahaaa.. maybe you’re just that shopingera. we’ve been here at at multiply for so long and the truth is we hate you. we love brian gorrel and bugsey. at least, consistent for free speech even in the case of malou this was more a consistent blog than shopingera… poor kooki at multiply at naloloko ng mga gaya mo. second rate naman na shopingera.. sa bagay, your name “shopingera” fits you. rhymes with BUTANGERA!
we love brian gorrell oh ano ngayon?

Comment by chitarow

Welcome back Bugs, hey I read you at Helium and Multiply. Congrats for winning every week at the Helium contest. Okay, where’s the war this time?
Sheryl, maybe you need love so it worries you that Brian Gorrel is making hits and he’s more credible? Admit it, no one believes in the philipine media anymore and most of you suck so we just like to make fun of you and people like you and Father gravey hahahahahaaaaaa !
I vote for Brian Gorell. This is Hero Peeps and I am endorsing this ad!

Comment by Hero Peeping

i remembered you after i had a big big big W A R with islamics! F****KKK ISLAM!!!! glad that you are back. who is brian gorrell some of our multiply friends say that he is a little psycho but i dont blive them anymore bcos i heard it from the right source.

Comment by Cutebrahman

Did you guys pick up the EFF No Censorship ribbon for your blogs?

Comment by Bugsey

All of you are truly charming. The ladies love you.
Brian, your comment is particularily telling – you clearly are uncomfortable with debate when your credibility is questioned.
Have fun with your current showbiz fascination. Mystika loves ya I’m sure.
You’d set new lows when you embarked on your haphazard mercenary enterprise – now its distilling to baser baduy. May the hits keep coming!
Looking forward to the tome – hows the “Tag” (?) coming? The book deal is obviously going along swimmingly since there is such a market for the rabid percolations and cliche and narratively damaged deranged musings form a dumb ass white foreigner who thought he found his easy field of dreams in the Philipinnes – rather, the fabricated paradise of Boracay – made a bad decision and figured he take it oiut on suggestible audiences.
If your delusion can be marked and signify anything in Philippines culture it is cult of rot.
Haha, can’t wait for you to call me a knuckle -dragging bitch (read: feamle monkey) and tell me I’m fat and stick something in my orafices. You are a class act, Bri.

Comment by Sheryl

Sheryl, why don’t you write your blog? I think you’re pretty good. Of course that is beside the point, but you see, I personally happen to like stories of gays 🙂 I love Brian’s story because it has RAGE, it has passion, and HIV is always a “story” in my book. In fact, I have several HIV positive friends and I am taking their personal reflections. Maybe I’m collecting their stories for something like “Chicken Soup for the Gay Soul” or something.
You sound racist tho’. I should probably point out that racism also includes such offensive phases as “white monkeys”. Racism doesn’t mean only a racial slur against blacks,asians and middle easterns. They mean ANY race, even Brian’s race.
Do I believe Brian ? About 80 percent except for probably some “things” being TOO overstated. But he’s a good story. That’s also the reason why you probably read his blog 🙂
C’mon cool it… although I mean it when I say you should be writing a blog Sheryl.

Comment by Bugsey

PS:who’s Mystika? See I am clueless…

Comment by Bugsey


I feel for you dear. I really do.


Comment by Brian

Dear Brian
I would marry you dahlin’ if you weren’t gay because I love WHITE good looking guys like you. xoxoxooxo
mainis ka sheryl! ahaaaaaa!

Comment by Hero Peeping

Hero…that is SOOOO RACIST! lmao!

Comment by Bugsey

Отличная статья, спасибо!

Comment by Reut

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