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The Absurdity of Playing Cyber Detective
July 27, 2007, 4:10 pm
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Friendster dot com seems to be the technological proof that one REALLY exists. Sounds weird, but everyone I know here seems to have a friendster. The warped cyber philosophy goes something like this —

“I have a friendster, therefore i exist!”

Nevermind those who have no web access, like the dying kids at Sudan. Maybe they do not exist because they have no friendster?

Anyway my favorite kid Niccolo happens to have a friendster. He exists.

The problem started when he started playing cyber-detective and found that he had a generally nice sister and brother. He also found out that I wasn’t their mother.Yah get the idea?

Of course, he found was terribly ‘enlightened’ and thought that he was now qualified to write something as monumental as “ROOTS“. Poor kid.. really.Now he is bent on coming up with some geneological dissertation on the value of family trees.

This upsets me. Why? It is not because his father wasn’t Abe Lincoln or Donald Trump, but because he may be having too high of an expectation of acceptance and mushy loving. It also boggles me because it would indeed be comical if his suspected half-sister is trying to be merely civil and that they aren’t related at all! It would be pathetically hilarious and I can’t stop him because I am a middle-of-the-road liberal (LOL!)

Thus, I have to allow him space to make an absolute fool of himself.

So, he asked his “suspected sister” something like : ” Is blah-blah your father. I think you’re my sister!”. Of course that was idiotic, but part of my being a good parent is to allow the kid some moronic experience. He went furthur : ” You look like me!” . Talk about kids and their stupid utterances! The suspected sister went : “ Really, I like see you!”. Thus I told him something to the effect that cyberfiriends are great, but it isn’t the place to go and find.. roots! Like, anyone can find someone with the name Napoleon Bonaparte in some community like friendster, but he couldn’t be the REAL thing.

What I am not telling him however is that this suspected-sister looks exactly like him. And yes, they could have had the same father because I wasn’t into the Albert Einstein types when I picked him up some long years ago. Aside from that, his older brother THINKS SO, but his older brother had no horse nor common sense enough to send “feelers” first.

He thinks that cyber bullying his brother’s “suspected half sister” to “telling the truth” is the most honest thing one is supposed to do. Of course, his brother is the ultra-rightist Republican type. Now can you imagine how politically incorrect and chaotic my home is.

Heck, so what if the poor ‘suspected sister’ is REALLY his sister? She is only the “suspected” sister, and she has the individual right to say or not say what the name of father is/was/will be/whatever. Same as my fave kid – he had the individual right to ask. After all, who wouldn’t be interested in knowing one’s imaginary or real father?

The cyber bully is my fave kid’s older brother who thinks that terror tactics are completely acceptable to make the poor “suspected sister” admit who her father is. It is also warped and rather annoyingly hilarious because it is none of his business. He has his own father. He knows his own father. He sometimes acts like his own father which makes me want to reconsider my pro-life political stand.

Heck, I want to sue Friendster!

I feel that it somehow “pressures” utterly sane people to do the most ridiculous things. Like, looking for a “sister”. Now, I have this outrageous idea of actually placing an internet ad like : ” Wanted : Sister for my Kid! Must be mushy, nice and INTELLIGENT enough NOT to have a friendster account”.

Or maybe they’ll both get invited to “OPRAH”! Dang!


Multiply Dot Com and Peculiarities
April 12, 2007, 9:53 am
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Blogging seems to be the new “media” but not in all cases. Some blog because they are pragmatic, they want to earn. There is a certain peculiarity however with the site MULTIPLY DOT COM because they give you a FREE account but if you are a more creative blogger, you’d probably want to do MORE like using java script tags, having your own adsense, providing your network with a trade/barter/selling page and much of the normal blogger good intentions.
Instead you get a customized choice (unless you get THEIR css pages) and when you have used more than the space for the video, you get a rather rude template telling you something like you have a video overload. unless you pay for a GOLD or PLATINUM account which is silly considering that will cover my server cost plus my domain name that I intend to use here at Word Press.
But there are bloggers who DO pay the GOLD and SILVER accounts. most of whom do NOT use their sites enough anyway to think of going to adsense or even adlite to at least get back their “blogging cost”.
I would think that it is the NETWORKING there that makes people bite the bullet. Multiply is like a Filipino Community site which is NOT OWNED by a Filipino but it does give one the virtual feeling of home chatting and exchanging views with people back home. While others would go to something like Blogger Party it seems that Multiply has done a great job at “site selling” despite the fact that Blogger Party has the VERY SAME features– and it’s honest, they say you blog, you get your adsense publisher’s code and you EARN some.
The sad thing is that Blogger Party is owned by a Filipina who is a basically responsive admi. Still better is that there are no GOLD or SILVER accounts because you are expected to EARN. Come to think of it, Blogger Party has even more traffic than Multiply and is a lot more honest than Writing Up dot com.
Still I don’t GET IT? Thus, Brenda, the Filipina Blogger Party admi person has attracted instead really good Canadian and American writers while members of Multiply could have even the same benefits without the blogger’s boxed-in feeling and the payment. And those from India can enjoy the blogging party and the Bollywood pics they PUT UP (and which every member is expected to put up with)on their respective sites.
Well, perhaps it is all a matter of “marketing”? But after all the prostestations of “Go Go Go Pinoy”(“Go, Go Filipino”) and “Yabang Pinoy”(Filipino Pride), why aren’t they at the Blogger Party site? I do not wonder. Still I hope that those at Multiply would “help” their own. But again, I do not at all wonder. Really.