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Ramblings Against Censorship
August 25, 2008, 9:07 pm
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I found out that someone in my MULTIPLY friends list did the something I detest: actually STOPPED some dang blog. Truth to be told, that gurl is in my multiply list but so are about two hundred others. Multiply is a community of bloggers who make it a point to exceedingly gossip about everyone (yeah, after they send you sweet glitters, they gossip about you). Thus I learned that some buddy of mine desperately hopped through hell and high water simply to have a blog shut? Geezz… that is enough to make me MAD!
Remember all the WAR here and at multiply over my defending Malou Fernandez’ RIGHT to say what she wants? Ohhh.. la. lah… how that UPSET Father Gravey who was dripping with sticky sweat then because he was pounding his keyboard too hard in ANGER all because I agreed that Malou Fernandez has a RIGHT to the First Amendment.
Now, what’s this I hear that some lifestyle journalist GOT OFFENDED about some blog called Chikatime and went rabid ENOUGH to have it CENSORED? This blog hibernates but it does wake up everytime there is a BLOG CENSORSHIP issue!
Heck! I do not give a fuckin’ shit if Chikatime attacked anyone “important”. Where is the blogging community when a blog is “shut” all because it displeases some people? If anyone doesn’t want a BLOG then one shouldn’t READ it! No one invites anyone to read blogs and you wouldn’t be offended if you weren’t READING it in the first place!
Malou Fernandez had the right to WRITE what she wanted…. and so does Chikatime.. and don’t ask me if I even know what Chikatime is because I’ve never been there. I just KNOW it shouldn’t be censored.
Nor should ANY BLOG be censored.


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