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The Other Side… reconsidering Brian Gorrell
September 5, 2008, 3:57 pm
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I’ve been considering some mail about Brian Gorrell and I am still completely unconvinced that anyone would suddenly charge his ex in public if it were not true. My ex-boyfriend still owes me some stuff he hasn’t returned. Perhaps he owes me some money too. But I would not THINK of being seized by some urge to come up with a blog that practically will tell everyone about his teenie weenie (if he had something like that anyway) plus a Bill of Particulars UNLESS he did something really “EVIL” to me. Something urges that kind of passion that Gorrell displays. It can’t be JUST anger ( we are all angry) but SOMETHING MORE. This is a gay human being with HIV, so he could be on a crusade. Anyone who is on any crusade (e.g. against kidnapping kids to steal their organs) should blog. No one has the moral right to stop anyone from blogging.
Do I believe everything he says? Nope.But somehow one sees that thread of truth in his blog because he does have enough material (evidenciary) that he puts in. Besides, why would even supposed media celebs (oops!) like Korina Sanchez interview him IF he isn’t worth a good copy? The Inquirer featured him; and even business newspapers gave him “space”. Who gives print media space to anyone with an “unworthy story”?
Good copy always gets space, even if its Brian Gorrell or Imelda Marcos.

Some are so upset because of the things he say against the Philippines. I don’t give a damn. WHY? Because what he’s saying isn’t anything new. We’ve all said that government is corrupt, this can be an awful place, government services suck and there are human rights abuses. Why is it wrong when he says it and OKAY when others tell us the same?

Someone added that there’s another hate blog somewhere blah..blah..blah. Sorry, I likewise do not give a damn because I do not even regularly blog and people have a RIGHT to have their HATE SITES if they want. My solution has always been IF you hate a blog, don’t give it HITS. To report a blog (ANY BLOG) for HATE however is something I don’t agree with. I don’t care WHO it is but censorship is censorship. That’s it!

The truth is that Brian Gorrell should hate me because this blog defended Malu Fernandez’ RIGHT to say what she wanted. So give the guy a break and let him write as he wishes MUCH as EVERYONE who wants to write should not be stopped.