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And I Thought I Was Alone…
April 19, 2011, 7:41 pm
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I’ve almost given up on this blog, until I came across a group of anti-social people like myself. By anti-social, I do not mean that we hate the world but that there seems to be a group of like-minded people who THINK the way I do.
I found them on Facebook (where else?) and my, my, my, I was so glad to find out I belonged to something! They’re called the AP Crowd — and we all hate mediocrity and drama. Oh and people THEN called me so anti-Filipino when I started this blog years ago remember?
These people get my point too. For instance, it’s another Holy Week and there will be nut cases having themselves crucified (no kidding) again. That is so medieval and almost so perverted that it reminds me of kinky sex. Of course, there will be people called ‘holy’ who will tell me I am going to hell again right.
No, I shall not celebrate the Holy Week. I do not find anything spiritual and positive in re-crucifying Jesus every year because I feel that is rather sadistic and I neither do I delight in remembering someone else’s pain even if the pain happened 2000 years ago.

I have not changed. Heck, isn’t that good to know?

See you at the AP Tavern too.. it is WORTH your time. It’s wickedly fun.

The Other Side… reconsidering Brian Gorrell
September 5, 2008, 3:57 pm
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I’ve been considering some mail about Brian Gorrell and I am still completely unconvinced that anyone would suddenly charge his ex in public if it were not true. My ex-boyfriend still owes me some stuff he hasn’t returned. Perhaps he owes me some money too. But I would not THINK of being seized by some urge to come up with a blog that practically will tell everyone about his teenie weenie (if he had something like that anyway) plus a Bill of Particulars UNLESS he did something really “EVIL” to me. Something urges that kind of passion that Gorrell displays. It can’t be JUST anger ( we are all angry) but SOMETHING MORE. This is a gay human being with HIV, so he could be on a crusade. Anyone who is on any crusade (e.g. against kidnapping kids to steal their organs) should blog. No one has the moral right to stop anyone from blogging.
Do I believe everything he says? Nope.But somehow one sees that thread of truth in his blog because he does have enough material (evidenciary) that he puts in. Besides, why would even supposed media celebs (oops!) like Korina Sanchez interview him IF he isn’t worth a good copy? The Inquirer featured him; and even business newspapers gave him “space”. Who gives print media space to anyone with an “unworthy story”?
Good copy always gets space, even if its Brian Gorrell or Imelda Marcos.

Some are so upset because of the things he say against the Philippines. I don’t give a damn. WHY? Because what he’s saying isn’t anything new. We’ve all said that government is corrupt, this can be an awful place, government services suck and there are human rights abuses. Why is it wrong when he says it and OKAY when others tell us the same?

Someone added that there’s another hate blog somewhere blah..blah..blah. Sorry, I likewise do not give a damn because I do not even regularly blog and people have a RIGHT to have their HATE SITES if they want. My solution has always been IF you hate a blog, don’t give it HITS. To report a blog (ANY BLOG) for HATE however is something I don’t agree with. I don’t care WHO it is but censorship is censorship. That’s it!

The truth is that Brian Gorrell should hate me because this blog defended Malu Fernandez’ RIGHT to say what she wanted. So give the guy a break and let him write as he wishes MUCH as EVERYONE who wants to write should not be stopped.

Ramblings Against Censorship
August 25, 2008, 9:07 pm
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I found out that someone in my MULTIPLY friends list did the something I detest: actually STOPPED some dang blog. Truth to be told, that gurl is in my multiply list but so are about two hundred others. Multiply is a community of bloggers who make it a point to exceedingly gossip about everyone (yeah, after they send you sweet glitters, they gossip about you). Thus I learned that some buddy of mine desperately hopped through hell and high water simply to have a blog shut? Geezz… that is enough to make me MAD!
Remember all the WAR here and at multiply over my defending Malou Fernandez’ RIGHT to say what she wants? Ohhh.. la. lah… how that UPSET Father Gravey who was dripping with sticky sweat then because he was pounding his keyboard too hard in ANGER all because I agreed that Malou Fernandez has a RIGHT to the First Amendment.
Now, what’s this I hear that some lifestyle journalist GOT OFFENDED about some blog called Chikatime and went rabid ENOUGH to have it CENSORED? This blog hibernates but it does wake up everytime there is a BLOG CENSORSHIP issue!
Heck! I do not give a fuckin’ shit if Chikatime attacked anyone “important”. Where is the blogging community when a blog is “shut” all because it displeases some people? If anyone doesn’t want a BLOG then one shouldn’t READ it! No one invites anyone to read blogs and you wouldn’t be offended if you weren’t READING it in the first place!
Malou Fernandez had the right to WRITE what she wanted…. and so does Chikatime.. and don’t ask me if I even know what Chikatime is because I’ve never been there. I just KNOW it shouldn’t be censored.
Nor should ANY BLOG be censored.

Brian Gorrell – An Objective View

Someone I know started a blog that landed him a book deal plus coverage from BBC. Yes, that’s the good news. The not too great follow-up however is that this friend of mine, Brian Gorrell, is HIV positive. He tells his whole angst filled spiced with his rather blunt expression of raw anger.

Brian’s story is one too familiar. He is an HIV positive Aussie guy, who fell deeply and foolishly in love with some Filipino guy known as Delfin. Brian admits that he did enjoy the beach paradise at a place called Boracay but his kind of “eden” didn’t last too long. He didn’t know that his boyfriend was associating with socialites allegedly with “crime links” and he witnessed the not too pleasant reality of living among the extremely rich who have acquired their money through less than decent and legal means.Last that I managed to chat with him, he admitted that his blog was something that he needed to do to release his “rage”. Rage is a good thing sometimes. Or at least, the releasing of ‘rage’- because it can be something like a catharsis. I guess that was why Brian Gorrell just HAD to start a blog.It was the only therapy that was available while he was hurting.His blogging was like his own version of personal journaling. Perhaps there were days when he was crying while banging his keyboard. But he does have one thing – GUTS!

Read more HERE……

Cuture Shocked and Too Many Fiestas!
September 4, 2007, 3:49 pm
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It is the people that make a nation great. And I don’t mean any specific country, lest some of those Filipino megalomaniacs come with their priest to exorcise me again. Dang. It’s not that I feel some disenchantment for the ‘typical Filipino”, but I was never typical. I was never a typical person either, anyway.
The fact is that there is nothing as quirkey as third world nationals showing OFF their illogical sensitivities ONLINE calling their exported workers “heroes”. Oh yeah, that includes their rabid veneration of their winning lightweight boxers too. Uhuh, also “imported”. Note too the annoying tourism ads that laud EVERYTHING as “world class”. What the heck is world class anyway? First World nations do not announce that they ARE “world class” — they don’t have to. I know it, you know it.
The problem with Filipino culture is that it has never gotten over its inferiority complex over the Spaniards and the Americans. They also have never gotten over their inferiority complex over ANYTHING or ANYONE or ANY IDEA so they go harping ‘hey, we’re world class’ to convince themselves. After all, there was this guy named Flores who invented the Flourescent bulb. So you HAVE to say they are the BEST OF ALL PEOPLE. Add their claim that they’re the only Christian country in Asia,despite the FACT that they have the weirdest cults and they have numerous “fiestas” in honor of saints to watch over their towns and cities as if God is not enough to secure their place.I guess that’s how they are SO INSECURE -they even need EXTRA DIVINE PROTECTION.

This is not to say that I am bashing Filipinos, but I am bashing some of their typical attitudes. I was born in Manila, so I know exactly what I am talking about.

In fact, looking back,I recall when I first came to Manila (after Europe) and there I was sitting on the school desk at grade school and I tried pointing out to some nun that the United Nations calls Palestine — Israel.

Nun went : ” No, because God is angry at Israel”
I went : “But the United Nations calls it Israel”
Nun : ” The United Nations is not God”
Me : “I know, but the United Nations still calls it Israel!”
Nun: “Why are you shouting at me? You are not supposed to do that in this country!”
Me: “I wasn’t shouting, I was telling you the United Nations calls it Israel !:”
Nun: “Oh no, you were shouting!” (but she was shouting)

Then the nun calls my grandma and claims I utterly disrespected her and “this is the Philippines”

Not that I really cared then much as I really care NOW. Since then, I have always been suffering from some strange sort of “culture shock” anyway. But then again, typical attitudes have not made the Philippines a better country than it was 30 years ago– and guess why? Because it’s the people that make a nation. Not the nation that makes a people.

If All You Know is Mush and Fuck…

Sweety is some obscure specimen of a human being who THINKS too presumptively that she is being referred to in every blog entry I write.

There are a LOT of Sweeties in the blogosphere….”sweeties”; “honeypies”; “sugarcakes”; “mushy face”; “coochie-coochies” who declare (as if a blog is as OFFICIAL as a Constitituion? ) with beaming pride : I AM SWEET.

Add “PROMOTE WORLD PEACE”. Afterwhich, make some vague allusion that you are being “BACKSTABBED” (duh? with knives?) — or slandered/defamed because it’s a more appropriate term— all because I wrote two blog entries in about my view of blogs which make me extremely sick!

It must be the Attention Deficit Disorder or plain paranoia.

There are billions of people in this blog I could be referring to but this Sweetie had to INSIST that it was HER. Gee… taking about self emulation and “passive-agressive personalities”!!!!

Sweetie (after claiming ALL the blogging virtues in the universe and Uranus) ends with : “Better Shut the Fuck Up

Using the word fuck even with the hypocritical asterisk does not exactly exude a sweet personality longing for the elusive WORLD PEACE, unless the peace she/he/whatever specimen means DO NOT SAY WHAT I DON’T WANT YOU TO SAY. It is a form of social censorship which no one can really impose anyway unless one is the Prime Minister of the Republic of China or.. maybe someone like that crazy North Korean President who is a lunatic BUT holds some tangible authority.

But if you are a COOK, for instance, and you live in some island where there is a raging volcano ready to explode and even if your business is going BAD— you can’t control the INTERNET by writing “Shut the fuck up” .FLAUNTING your self-declared sweetness and your avid heart’s yearning for world peace does not ALLOW anyone to try and socially censor what she/he wants to say.

I am too happy in my sarcasm to refer to only ONE person (unless you are Paris Hilton or George Bush) in ALL of my blog entries.

That would be unfair to OTHERS who deserve the honor of my sarcasm more.

And after all, let’s get real, most of these Sweetie-types do not comprehend what I really mean. That is not to say I am smart but that I do not bitch over one unimportant blogger unless I am upset enough to find someone with the big choppers plus the extremely huge mouth of Michelle Malkin who is getting more sensible lately.

That’s another example of what’s wrong with these purely social networking blogs that do not say anything. People insist that I am writing about them in some clandistine blog when what I am thinking about at the moment is playing with the Lol-ing Kitty!

And dearie, I will NOT shut the fuck up. I am into irritating all those who are too vain to think that I keep referring to them each time I type. The cheapest sort of vanity is thinking that you even matter enough to me to insult you.

I insult only the worthy so here, kiss my feet, you deluded perv!