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Brian Gorrell – An Objective View

Someone I know started a blog that landed him a book deal plus coverage from BBC. Yes, that’s the good news. The not too great follow-up however is that this friend of mine, Brian Gorrell, is HIV positive. He tells his whole angst filled spiced with his rather blunt expression of raw anger.

Brian’s story is one too familiar. He is an HIV positive Aussie guy, who fell deeply and foolishly in love with some Filipino guy known as Delfin. Brian admits that he did enjoy the beach paradise at a place called Boracay but his kind of “eden” didn’t last too long. He didn’t know that his boyfriend was associating with socialites allegedly with “crime links” and he witnessed the not too pleasant reality of living among the extremely rich who have acquired their money through less than decent and legal means.Last that I managed to chat with him, he admitted that his blog was something that he needed to do to release his “rage”. Rage is a good thing sometimes. Or at least, the releasing of ‘rage’- because it can be something like a catharsis. I guess that was why Brian Gorrell just HAD to start a blog.It was the only therapy that was available while he was hurting.His blogging was like his own version of personal journaling. Perhaps there were days when he was crying while banging his keyboard. But he does have one thing – GUTS!

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Nostalgic Videos :) My Collection of OPMs and Stuff
April 9, 2007, 8:53 pm
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There must be something in Celebrity History that should teach us a lesson or two. I was watching some of these clips and I found it weird that we Asians seem to NEED an over affirmation of our own names with a “TITLE” much like the “Divine Right of Kings”? Aside from Michael Jackson, who is called the King of Pop and Elvis who is “The King”, American celebs do not seem to have these “titles”. Maybe they are secure enough with the adulation?
We have “Asia’s Songbird”, “The Superstar” (who is in big TROUBLE), “The Concert King and Queen” (who were deposed after the King decided he wanted a new “queen”?). I mean, can’t OUR celebs be NORMAL and accept that there is only ONE “Megastar”! (THAT WAS A JOKE!)
Do watch these video clips. Some will make you mushy and weep and a lot.These flicks will convince you beyond unreasonable doubt that we are indeed living in a rather loony nation that elect these types to the highest office in the land only to kick them out later when we fall out of love with them.
That should say something about us as a people? Or perhaps, we can rationalize and say “it’s human nature”. That is why I love my dogs. They are predictable:)


Mankind and “Bugsies”
April 6, 2007, 4:13 am
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If ancient mankind were really that BAD and BARBARIC, I would imagine them to be savages eating every prey but they weren’t. What leads me to this conclusion? It’s the manner by which they kept their dogs at a time when there was no “dog food”, they had just discovered fire, they we sleeping under the moon, hunting under the sun most probably and yet, trying to keep their wife (or myriads of wives?) basically CONTENT
Dogs. The bland cliche — “man’s best friend“.

Yet, if I lived thousands or even millions of years ago I would need a dog. I would need it so bad because I would need food and I do not have their scent, so I would need one for more than company.My dog smells prey, barks which signals I should shoot the boar with some old-fashioned arrow. Or just maybe my dog would get it for me anyway because he’s wild and would bring me back smaller preys like ducks and chickens and I would pat his bloody mouth. The same dog would watch with me by the fire under the wild moon while I watch my wives and kids sleep safe in the nights.

Of course, I would share some prey with him. We understand each other. I scratch my dog, he serves me. We take watch together in the night, until I fall asleep at times perhaps secure that he would not leave me. He watches with me, he watches FOR me. It’s a dependency-cycle but it works.But things were simpler then.

Today, I watch little Bugs limp but happy and shudder. He could have been born a million years ago, Would he have survived?I don’t know.

The longest sweetest relationship is that of mankind and dogkind. Maybe we don’t need them NOW to help sustain our stomachs but maybe they aren’t created just for that. Maybe today they are meant to sustain our hearts as well.

Thus, the dependency-cycle remains.I love my dogs. They love me.

And they still guard my door until the day they die. I say this because I miss one who made sure he croaked “on duty”. That’s love.

I still miss him.That’s also love.

All About Diane
April 6, 2007, 4:09 am
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It would be common-even wrong- to call Diane my friend because she belongs to a different category than those whom I call “friends”. She is “uncategorized”, meaning MORE than a friend and closer to a soulmate.

Perhaps, I knew her in another life which explains why the first time we talked years ago it was as though we knew exactly what each other meant. If I were a man, she would be my ideal bride. If I were a rose, I would choose her garden to show my flair. If I were a dog, I would choose her lap to rest on. I am extremely comfy with her.

That is despite the fact that she is FOR the death penalty and believes that Scott Peterson is guilty and should die.I hate the death penalty. I think it’s “state sanctioned murder“. I love Diane despite her utterly unobjective views :)She believes in ALL of the laws, I find some laws unreasonable. But we are both democrats:) I love the fact that she lives in a blue state.

I love Diane because she is fun. Despite her fears of breaking the law when I sent her one pirated dvd, we intend to rob Fort Knox. We relish the thought of the excitement – even a virtual one – as we discuss how we would go about it.

I love Diane because she is as cheap as I am, we love rushing to ebay to purchase those Mary Kay samples and we have no pretenses like : ” Oh because we heard that samples are better”. No– we know– we like it because they are cheap and we say so. I love Diane because of her Midwestern pride and work ethic. Like, when she keeps her YM open at the office and tells me :” sorry, will have delays in replying.. boss was here!” I love Diane because we BOTH love food, we both have weight problems, we are BOTH not perfect and we openly discuss it with jest.

I love Diane because she has incredible wit and we love the repartee. I love Diane because I can call her at 2:30 am her time and say : ” I forgot… you aren’t here..” And we would both laugh and chat anyway. I love Diane because I can trust her and she can trust me and we BOTH know it.I love Diane because she and I can be kids again and we do not pontificate about such huge issues as immaturity, saneness and serious matters.

I love Diane because she is Diane.

Grown-ups never understand anything for themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery, “The Little Prince”, 1943little-prince.jpglittle-prince.jpglittle-prince.jpg