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If All You Know is Mush and Fuck…

Sweety is some obscure specimen of a human being who THINKS too presumptively that she is being referred to in every blog entry I write.

There are a LOT of Sweeties in the blogosphere….”sweeties”; “honeypies”; “sugarcakes”; “mushy face”; “coochie-coochies” who declare (as if a blog is as OFFICIAL as a Constitituion? ) with beaming pride : I AM SWEET.

Add “PROMOTE WORLD PEACE”. Afterwhich, make some vague allusion that you are being “BACKSTABBED” (duh? with knives?) — or slandered/defamed because it’s a more appropriate term— all because I wrote two blog entries in about my view of blogs which make me extremely sick!

It must be the Attention Deficit Disorder or plain paranoia.

There are billions of people in this blog I could be referring to but this Sweetie had to INSIST that it was HER. Gee… taking about self emulation and “passive-agressive personalities”!!!!

Sweetie (after claiming ALL the blogging virtues in the universe and Uranus) ends with : “Better Shut the Fuck Up

Using the word fuck even with the hypocritical asterisk does not exactly exude a sweet personality longing for the elusive WORLD PEACE, unless the peace she/he/whatever specimen means DO NOT SAY WHAT I DON’T WANT YOU TO SAY. It is a form of social censorship which no one can really impose anyway unless one is the Prime Minister of the Republic of China or.. maybe someone like that crazy North Korean President who is a lunatic BUT holds some tangible authority.

But if you are a COOK, for instance, and you live in some island where there is a raging volcano ready to explode and even if your business is going BAD— you can’t control the INTERNET by writing “Shut the fuck up” .FLAUNTING your self-declared sweetness and your avid heart’s yearning for world peace does not ALLOW anyone to try and socially censor what she/he wants to say.

I am too happy in my sarcasm to refer to only ONE person (unless you are Paris Hilton or George Bush) in ALL of my blog entries.

That would be unfair to OTHERS who deserve the honor of my sarcasm more.

And after all, let’s get real, most of these Sweetie-types do not comprehend what I really mean. That is not to say I am smart but that I do not bitch over one unimportant blogger unless I am upset enough to find someone with the big choppers plus the extremely huge mouth of Michelle Malkin who is getting more sensible lately.

That’s another example of what’s wrong with these purely social networking blogs that do not say anything. People insist that I am writing about them in some clandistine blog when what I am thinking about at the moment is playing with the Lol-ing Kitty!

And dearie, I will NOT shut the fuck up. I am into irritating all those who are too vain to think that I keep referring to them each time I type. The cheapest sort of vanity is thinking that you even matter enough to me to insult you.

I insult only the worthy so here, kiss my feet, you deluded perv!